Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What's more efficient - focus on better treating or preventing?

In most countries healthcare is oriented towards treating diseases. Instead, why not to try to stop their possible causes? Stopping the causes of diseases is much more important in the quest to get it diminished. Taking steps for prevention is much easier and less painstaking process than going through a treatment.

Many medical apps available now in the app stores are very useful in finding the right medications, in connecting with doctors and getting medical advices. Medical apps can help you to start leading a more active life and improve your diet. Nearly a quarter of consumer health apps are focused on disease treatment and management, whereas the rest targetfitness and wellness.  These are the great achievements of the modern healthcare IT, but number of doctor visits is not falling, people are not getting healthier.

Two years ago a group of IT professionals from Sylex Technologies, a US-based company that has been working with many healthcare institutions, put a goal to create an app, that would make people healthier. No, not to treat them, but to detect the disease at its earliest. To catch the enemy at the frontline, before it crossed the border.

Working closely with a group of medical professionals from various medical fields, Sylex Technologies developed special models aimed at detecting early signs of diabetes, kidney diseases, anemia, cardiac disorders and other disorders with just a few simple inputs by a user. The new app, HealthShield, analyzes subjective data (symptoms and complaints) together with objective (lab test results, vital signs) and warns a user when a sign of a developing disease becomes visible. Early detection leads not only to more successful prevention, but also stimulates patient engagement – a user knows his possible weak points, understands better his condition .
Now YouShield mobile app is ready. It is expected to come out in the app stores shortly. 

According to company’s founder, Avet Manukyan: “We are ready for deployment. The app should come out to the Apple Store not later than June 2016. We aim at saving human lives and invite everyone to give the app a try”.