Monday, May 16, 2016

Why follow us?

This blog is for those who beleive that raising patient awareness and engaging more with your own health can bring better outcomes than the best treatments ever. Caring about ourselves can change lives. Not only change, caring can be cruical for saving lives sometimes.

How often we say "If I`d only knew..." Well, now you can. You are able to know and desipher those signals that your body sends to you. No serious disease comes right away. It develops slowly, sending little precautions that are very often left without proper attention. Being a strong supporters of patient enagement, we have created YouShield app that tracks all your symptoms, complaints, lab tests - everything that can be measured and analyzed - in order to warn you at the earliest if some possible health risks are detected.

Our aim is not to scare you, but to warn you. There are a lot of various risks in our lives, it's nice to know that at least your health is guarded by someone or something. Yes, it's just an app in your smartphone, but it's easy and user-friendly, so why not give it a try? Check your health, check health of your loved ones - no restrictions, no regulations. It's free, because we want to help you stay healthy and happy.